Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lucky Charm

The boys started calling Stephanie their Lucky Charm. Every time she attended a game they would win. They even designed a play and named it after her.  

Smith Appreciation Night

The basketball teams held a fundraising event for the founder of our program who had a heart attack right before Christmas. The night was a success! Lots of fans, fellowship and fun =)

 Bake Sale

Silent Auction

above photos credit to Kendra Jarrell

Girls Win! Didn't get any pictures of the boys, I was too busy =)

RunMad sang the National Anthem

Joe's daughters Melissa and Maggie, Daughter in Law Nelly and her sister Jacquelyn

Half Time Game

 Winning Shot!

 Winner of 50/50 raffle

Christmas Picture 2010

This year our friend Jennifer Hunt took our 2010 Christmas pictures. I think she did such a great job especially in the freezing cold weather =)