Saturday, February 25, 2012


I bought a new lens with my Christmas money, I decided to try it out by taking a picture of all the things we were taking to try and keep strep throat from spreading in our house.

Our annual birthday tea with Lydia.

 I needed to create a new work space to help keep everything organized.

Junior Varsity Cougars in their spanking new uniforms

Our homeschool has changed so much over the years. Gone are the dress up history re-enactments, tons of co-ops and field trips. It tends to look like this more and more.

So excited to have my son, number 11, back in the game. He broke his leg in early December and had to wait 6 long weeks before he could play again. After two games he earned his starting position back again. It was so nice to see him taking and winning the jump ball again.

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